Australian supplier of the worlds most advanced nylonic clear coat solution for marine, architectural and industrial corrosion protection.

Nyalic® is a single pack clear coat for protecting aluminium and other substrates.

NYALIC® (nigh AL ick) is a nylonic, crystal clear polymeric resin coating that provides years of protection against chemical, environmental and ultraviolet corrosion on ferrous and non-ferrous metals, galvanised, anodized, powder coated and painted surfaces. It also works well on plastics, fibreglass, concrete, stone and masonry.

When fully cured, Nyalic’s smooth, clear finish seals the pores of the surface.

Painted surfaces retain their crisp look and do not oxidise. Bare metal surfaces do not oxidise or stain – in fact the blood and guts of fishing will hose away easily making clean up a breeze.

The product is extremely flexible, it expands and contracts with the host substrate across a wide temperature range.

It is also thermodynamic from well below zero to 350° F.

Nyalic is versatile, protecting everything from boats, tractors, trucks, planes to public artwork.


Highly corrosion resistant


Prevents moisture & air from reaching the surface




Will not crack and peel


Will not go yellow as some clear coats do

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